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How to set your computer to never sleep

Some times it’s necessary to change your computer’s sleep settings.  For example, when you’re expecting to receive unattended remote support from CreativeTek.


This is how you set your computer to never sleep:

  1. Click on Start
  2. Type “Edit Plan Settings” in the Start menu search box
  3. Click on Edit Plan Settings in the search results
  4. Next to Put the computer to sleep, select Never
  5. Click Save


Note: If the device you’re working on is a laptop or tablet, you have two choices: when plugged in, and on battery.  We recommend only setting Never when plugged in.

Jazmin Mehne

Customer Engagement Specialist - Meet Jazmin, the tech superstar who's been with CreativeTek for over a decade! What started as an internship in high school blossomed into a passion for both technology and marketing. While many of our customers remember her as a Tech Support Agent, she has grown into her current role as a Customer Engagement Specialist. Where she helps our customers unlock the full potential of their technology.