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About Us

Our Story

In 2008 CreativeTek was born out of a simple idea, to offer business owners better tools for success.  Our belief was that technology can be used in combination with accounting skills and other disciplines to give our clients a competitive advantage. We knew business owners needed something like this but nothing was available.

So we opened up shop as a division of Scott A. Moller CPA; without much more than an idea and a mission.  Our first clients sparked the inspiration for what we would become.  A clear direction soon took hold and now, over a decade later, it is firmer than ever: We’re a business helping businesses reach their goals through technology!

Our Perspective

At CreativeTek, we see technology as much more than a collection of dust-gathering computers, cables, and boxes with blinking lights. We believe those things are just the basic building blocks on which the rest of your business is anchored.

We come from a unique place in the IT world, offering more than you’d expect from a traditional IT company. Our knowledge and experience allows us to integrate these devices into one seamless business solution to achieve big-picture results.

We Believe In

  • Using technology to create a competitive advantage
  • Turning ideas into full-scaled solutions
  • Bulding bridges between your staff and your technology
  • Providing a link to what really matters, your customers

Our Skills & Expertise

We share your passion for success.  From tech support to web services and so much more, our team can help you put your ideas into action.

Having CreativeTek on your team can be an essential competitive advantage; as it has been for many of our clients.

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