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City-Wide Power Outage

The City of Alliance has announced a city-wide power outage scheduled for Sunday, May 21 at 1:00 PM. Power is expected to be restored by 9:00 PM the same day. Details provided by the utility office are found on the City of Alliance website.


If you receive your electric service from the City of Alliance, please consider shutting down your computers, servers, and other electronics to avoid damage. Data can be lost when computers are shut down unexpectedly. Additionally, all electronic equipment can be damaged when the power surges or browns out as it is being restored.


The outage will be longer than your backup battery’s uptime.



  • Shut down all computers when you go home for the weekend
  • Email CreativeTek NOW if you want us to schedule your server(s) for an unattended shut down Saturday night or Sunday morning.



  • Unplug power to your router and other network equipment.
    • We recommend unplugging your battery or surge protector from the wall to keep things easy.
      • Damage to this type of equipment is very rare, so this is not absolutely necessary, just precautionary.
      • If your surge protector is not very old and in good condition, damage to the equipment is even less likely.

On Monday:

  • If you choose to unplug your network equipment, remember to plug this equipment back in.
  • Then, start the server.


Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions!

Jazmin Mehne

Customer Engagement Specialist - Meet Jazmin, the tech superstar who's been with CreativeTek for over a decade! What started as an internship in high school blossomed into a passion for both technology and marketing. While many of our customers remember her as a Tech Support Agent, she has grown into her current role as a Customer Engagement Specialist. Where she helps our customers unlock the full potential of their technology.