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New iPhone security update protects you from hackers – and cops

New iPhone security update protects you from hackers - and cops

In February 2016, a federal judge ordered Apple to help the FBI break into an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters.  Apple strongly resisted at the time since this request raised all sorts of privacy flags. The FBI subsequently was able to hack into the phone without Apple’s help, and the Justice Dept. dropped its legal action against the company. The newly-discovered security flaw allowed the authorities to crack any iPhone.  This method soon became widely used by other law enforcement agencies and hackers alike.  The trick to unlocking an iPhone requires connecting the device to a computer running special software.

On Monday, Apple released iOS update 11.4.1 which, among other minor fixes, addresses this security issue.  After you receive this update, your iPhone will refuse all USB connections after it’s been locked for an hour, therefore rendering the hack useless and once again restoring our sense of security and privacy.

This new security feature is enabled by default as soon as you update to iOS 11.4.1.  But you may disable it by going to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode (or Face ID & Passcode in iPohone X) > Allow Access When Locked > Turn ON USB Accessories.

Even with the most secure updates, CreativeTek can help you unlock your iPhone in case of emergency.  Ask for our Mobile Protection services, which can help us unlock your iPhone with a single command if you ever get locked out.  After installing Mobile Protection, we can help you easily unlock your iPhone or even locate it or remotely wipe it if lost or stolen.